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Patricia Awapara

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Modern Impressionist Artist based in Longmont, CO


Artist Statement
Art From The Heart

My work is considered to be modern impressionistic, because of the painterly qualities, and the use of bold, vibrant colors.

My artistic journey forced me to go within, and explore parts of myself that I would not have visited on my own will. On this path, I learned to appreciate and celebrate the good things in life.

Love, Joy, Hope, Gratitude, Fun.

As I paint, I pour this emotions onto the canvas. The outcome is a dance of bright colors, raw textures, energetic flow, and dreamy pieces that takes the viewer to an enchanted world where only love resides.

I am grateful to share my work with you

Short Bio:

My story. It begun around forty years ago, in a far, far away land… ok, not so far, just 5,000 miles, in a city called Lima -Peru. Known for their delicious dishes like “Ceviche” and “Lomo Saltado”. And recently “Machu-Picchu” was declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

If you ever travel to Peru, this is a place you must see before you leave.

Anyway, getting back to my story… after 16 years of Peruvian Ceviche, my parents moved us (my three sisters and me) to the US. Change is always difficult, but we adjusted quickly. Through the years, life happened, and art became a long forgotten passion. I had to work, pay bills and have fun, which i did plenty, so I m not complaining.

It wasn’t until my thirties that I got a chance to take an art class. It had been years since I was around art supplies, so at the store, I got an adrenaline rush! After that, I took a few more classes, won a few awards, and got hooked to creating new pieces. The strange thing was that it took me 10 years to gather focus, discipline and the courage needed to follow my dreams.

Now, here I am. finally quit my day job to do what i love. I am painting, growing as an artist and enjoying the process. It is a humbling experience.


Exhibitions & Participation:
2016 Reflections of the Soul - Solo Exhibition, sponsored by Ford Armenteros in Doral.
2016 Pinecrest Gardens Art Festival
2015 44th Annual ChamberSOUTH South Miami Art Festival
2015 ActivistArtistA Bay Gates Project - Inspiring Works Murals - Boyton Beach Art District
2015 4th Annual collective exhibit in honor of Hispanic Awareness Month - Calle Ocho
2015 Expressions of the Heart - Solo Exhibition presented by Macondo Coffee Roasters 
2015 #LOVEWINS Group Exhibition - Activista Artist Gallery at Boyton Beach Art District
2015 BEART Foundation / Group Exhibition - New Expressions of LatinAmerican Art - at Ana G. Méndez University System - South Florida Campus 
2014 Chocolate & Art Show at the Warehouse Wynwood Project, Miami, FL - Wynwood Art District


2005 Columbia Scholastic Press Association, 22nd Gold Circle Awards program for College and Universities: Single Illustration Rendering of Photographic Material "Feelings"� Miambiance, Miami-Dade College at Kendall, Miami, FL;
2004 MIAMBIANCE Magazine, "Feelings", Oil on Canvas was published on the Magazine of Arts & Literature ~Volume 13 ~ Miami-Dade College, Kendall Campus.
2004 Miami-Dade College Art Gallery, 37th Annual Student Exhibition, Presented Third Place Award for "Feelings", Oil on Canvas.


FIU, BFA 2010 - ongoing


"Buying a painting creates a special bond between the artist and the buyer, both linked by the emotional and visual energy of the artwork. My mission is to create pieces with the hope to inspire you with my love for life."


I am a Miami based artist, selling paintings locally and Internationally. My artwork is held in private collections around the world. Some of my pieces have travel as far as Australia and found new homes in Europe, Asia & South America.

On commissioned paintings, there's is no limitation on communication. Once we establish your needs and wants we will be in touch through email, so I can remember what we discussed. I will send a sketch, an underpainting and the final picture for approval. I will not stop until you love it. It is important to know that my heart goes into creating each piece, as well as, provide excellent product and service. I would love to work with you on bringing your dream painting to life.

Or if you may rather choose one of the available paintings, please click here.

For your peace of mind, I also have 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on my originals. I have five stars service and product reviews that you may read here. I use high quality oils and acrylic paints, like Golden and Winsor&Newton. Canvases vary in weight, from 12 to 20 oz, primed. Large paintings are usually stretched with heavy duty stretcher bars that measure 2.25 wide and 1.25 profile. All the artwork comes with a hook or wire, ready to hang.

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